The Three Stories of My Pregnancy

When I became pregnant with my first baby, the day of my first ever ultrasound scan was a life changer for me. I was overwhelmed when I saw that tiny tadpole with a beating heart for the very first time. That day changed my life irrevocably.

It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 24 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank Nayantara for introducing me. She writes about her sweet and sour mommyhood adventures at Mommying BabyT. Check it out!

My first pregnancy was a breeze. Despite complications, I never felt impeded by them. However, my experiences during my second pregnancy were totally different since I was caring for one baby inside and another baby outside at the same time. Even when I was prepared and had the “been there, done that” mindset, I was completely knocked out! I didn’t have the freedom and flexibility to do so many things which I otherwise did in my first pregnancy.

I have penned down the best three out of the numerous stories of my two pregnancies, that are also extremely fond memories.

1. I took a sabbatical from the corporate rut and decided to pick up studies. I took a full-time Masters degree and attended college. It was around the end of my degree that I became pregnant for the first time. I didn’t tell this to my friends or anyone there. Despite nausea, hunger pangs, frequent urinating and fatigue, I was regular to my classes and finished projects that required me to work overnight. I topped a paper too.


It wasn’t easy to hide the news of my pregnancy from my very close college friends. I was 5 months pregnant at my convocation. I told my friends about it the same day.

2. In the 4th month of my first pregnancy, I participated in a fashion show for expectant mothers. It was organised by a reputed chain of hospitals in Delhi NCR. I asked my best friend to drive me there on the day of rehearsal. We had an awesome time and thoroughly enjoyed there. I was so excited to walk the ramp. I shopped for a dress, bought makeup and footwear to look my best. On the day of the show, I woke up grumpy and lethargic. Yes, pregnancy can do that too. I almost gave up the idea of going there. My husband gave me the pep talk and told me to just go there, walk the ramp and come back. I wasn’t feeling like myself and didn’t feel like dressing up at all that day. I didn’t wear what I bought, instead wore the usual and went.


Things became worst when I saw so many pretty mommies in prettiest dresses and gowns looking perfect. I almost cried and my confidence went down through the drain hole! But since I was there and even when I wasn’t excited, I still walked the ramp feeling like s***.

3. During the 5th month of my second pregnancy, I attended an open-air concert. I was slightly apprehensive to go there knowing that there will be no place to lean my back, let alone sitting. However, I didn’t want to lose this opportunity, which I knew I would have to let go in future especially after the baby number two arrives.


“F*** it!”, I thought and went. I stood for hours, jumped, sang my lungs out and danced like I don’t care!

I will cherish and remember these stories for rest of my life. Someday, I will tell them to my kids so they know that they are not the only ones singing the looney tunes.

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I have written this blog as a part of #9daysofwomanhood blogathon. Prompt for Day 2 was an Instagram post on “Being a girl is cool and fun”. Take a look at it on my page PrettyMummaSays.

Prompt for Day 3 is “My Pregnancy”. Further, I would like to introduce Upasana. Read about today’s prompt on her blog


13 thoughts on “The Three Stories of My Pregnancy

  1. I got pregnant during my masters study too. I had just entered my fifth month at the time of convocation 😅

    It was a beautiful post and you sure had a fun and adventurous pregnancies.

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