Tittle-Tattle Over A Cuppa

In a country where Tea or Chai (in Hindi) is the first love and obsession of every person, coffee is like a stepsister born in a wrong country. Tea lover, you ask? I say, no I am not. I am a teatotaler. Coffee lover? Hell yeah!! With milk, strong, no sugar, twice daily – afternoon and evening. Read … Continue reading Tittle-Tattle Over A Cuppa


How Motherhood Has Changed Me

Well, motherhood was a welcome change for me. An expected change which altered my life forever and for better. My sleep cycles are permanently damaged. The stretch marks are irreversible. Even the way I think has changed and thinking about others before myself biggest change that I can think of. Here’s what becoming a mother … Continue reading How Motherhood Has Changed Me

The Lesser Known Goddess of Karma

And it comes to an end. The festivities, fasting, celebration and glamour of the nine nights – so long! It also brings an end to the #9Days of Womanhood blog marathon of 23 awesome women bloggers. I have to be honest that it is one of the best blog marathons I have been into thus … Continue reading The Lesser Known Goddess of Karma

My First Year Adventures

Hey, Y'all! How’s it goin’? So, my mom has been writing stories from past few days. However, I realised that all she’s been writing was about her! So, I just sent her to clean the mess I made. And while she is at it let me tell you about the things that I did before … Continue reading My First Year Adventures