How To Teach Your Baby To Sleep On His Own

We, as mothers, absolutely love rocking and swaddling our babies to sleep. We love the bonding and the closeness with our babies in the process. However, it’s also important to teach your baby to sleep independently and without any assistance. This will make your kids learn good sleeping habits and develop a sound sleep pattern.

I started training my kids to sleep on their own as soon as I weaned them and moved them to bottle feeds. It took a little while but it was massive relief when they finally began to sleep on their own. I could finally have a routine and could plan my day as per my babies’ schedule. I am sharing my experience and what I did for teaching my babies soothe themselves to sleep.

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Mr.RD gave in to his sleep last evening and slept in his stroller without rocking the stroller back and forth. No swaddling. No singing. No quite time. He was gone in 60 seconds. He is a Happy Napper now!! * I am training him now to fall asleep on his own. Mr.RD will be 18 months in December and I feel that it's the right time to begin and make him an independent happy sleeper. Not only stroller, he should be able to sleep on his own on the bed as well. * Do you want to know what am I doing to develop independent sleeping habit in him? I'll be doing a blog post very soon. Watch out my space. * * * #thatssurbhi #prettymummasays #momlife #mylife #stroller #sleepyboy #sleeptime #happynappy #naptime #sleepy #comingsoon #bloggermom #potd #instaphoto #ig_kids #kidstagram #kidsofinstagram #momsofinstagram #moments #instamoments #instamom #momblogger

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Fix the bedtime. Put your baby to bed at the same time to set his internal clock. By doing this, he’s more likely to feel sleepy around that time. However, make sure it’s not too late or way past the set time – overtired babies become cranky, clingy and have a hard time calming down.

Be consistent with the bedtime routine. Try to fix a bedtime ritual especially at night, that helps your baby calm down. Dimming the lights, drawing the curtains, giving a lukewarm bath, bedtime massage, reading a story, singing a lullaby or playing soothing music will let your baby know it’s time to go to sleep.

Break the habit of feeding your baby to sleep. A lot of times babies demand to be breastfed or bottle-fed just to seek comfort while falling asleep. If your baby is habitual of falling asleep while breastfeeding or taking a bottle, he is not learning to fall asleep by himself. Feed your baby earlier than the bedtime or gradually shorten the time you spend feeding him. If your baby is getting distracted, stop feeding him and finish the rest of his bedtime routine.

Are you ready for it? Before you start training your baby to sleep on his own, think whether you are ready to bring this change. If not, then unknowingly you might be getting in the way. Rocking your baby to sleep before putting in the bed or rushing to comfort him at his first cry will inhibit developing the habit of self-soothing. By doing this, you are depriving your baby to settle down on his own.

Is your baby ready for it? If you are expecting your baby to sleep through the night when he is just not ready, then don’t push too hard. You might end up exhausting yourself emotionally, physically and mentally. Wait for few days and try again.

Always remember that patience is the key. Babies takes time to learn self-soothing and some babies take a little longer than others. Until your baby becomes self-sufficient, be patient and stick to your calming bedtime routine. Every child is different and there can never be any comparison with another baby. Don’t worry and don’t be anxious. Every day is a new day.


19 thoughts on “How To Teach Your Baby To Sleep On His Own

  1. Wow that is awesome that your baby sleeps at 18 months on his own. My son sleeps in on the bed and we have these routines in place like a before bed time routine and same time every night but still he needs a bottle of milk and needs me to pat him while he sleeps.

    How do I change this habit?

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    1. If your baby takes meals at bedtime in the night and you feel that your baby is full & will not need milk, then start his bedtime routine right after the mealtime is over. Start giving him the feel of sleep time. Gradually discourage his habit of taking comfort feeds. Your baby will display discomfort and will cry for comfort feeds for few days but gradually, this will go away. As long as he is not in your lap, and you don’t have to rock him to sleep – it’s fine. Babies do need some form of physical contact with mothers while falling asleep. All it needs patience, patience and a lot of patience. You are doing great, mumma. Just be at it and don’t lose hope.


    1. Yes, in the case of breast feeding, self weaning doesn’t happen. Moms have to make a conscious effort. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but with time and patience, it can be achieved. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.


  2. These are helpful tips. Readiness of baby and parents is very important. Otherwise it will always be a challenging task. Every baby has their own time for readiness. Which should follow their clues for a smooth transition.

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