A Sweet Delivery

As soon as I discovered that I was pregnant, I made up my mind to lead a healthy lifestyle during the period of my pregnancy. I decided I won’t give into my cravings and won’t binge. But that doesn’t really happen. At the onset of my second trimester, my gynaecologist asked me to get the routine blood tests done.

It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 22 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank Nayantara for introducing me. She writes about her sweet and sour mommyhood adventures at Mommying BabyT. Check it out!

Everything was fine except my blood sugar. My blood sugar tests came positive and my gynaecologist declared me a Gestational Diabetes (GD) patient. That was my tipping point. The gynaecologist asked me to be very strict about my diet, exercise and routine. GD can have irreversible effects during and after delivery which can be harmful to either baby or mother or both. I could have a premature delivery, the baby’s size might enlarge, I might become permanently diabetic, the baby might be born with diabetes, etc. are some of the results of GD if not managed under expert supervision.


I just wanted a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. I was very upset. It took me few days to accept the fact that I have become diabetic at this stage in my life. My gynaecologist explained a few times that in majority cases, GD is temporary and it reverses as soon as the baby is out of the mother’s body. She also explained that this happens due to hormonal imbalance during pregnancy. But I kept blaming myself for this. I was put on a strict diet from that day. I was consulting a gynaecologist, an endocrinologist and a dietician in parallel, keeping everything in sync.


In the first few weeks, I was asked to monitor my blood sugar at home. I was given a blood sugar testing machine to take home and I had to prick my finger thrice everyday. I was required to email my readings everyday to all the doctors and the dietician for their monitoring too. For next 4 weeks, I was successfully able to manage and control my sugar levels through diet and exercise.

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The time for next blood tests to check my sugar levels came at the onset of the 6th month. I was so sure that the test results will be negative or my sugar levels would be under control. But my hormones decided to have a dessert buffet while I was eating lesser than the usual and healthier too. This was the healthiest I ever ate. Alas, my fasting blood sugar levels were on the higher side from last few days, The lab test report was positive too. My fasting sugar level was through the roof. As soon as I shared the results with my Endocrinologist, I was summoned by him to meet urgently.

With sweaty palms, I was waiting to hear from him. He told me that the best way to bring the blood sugar levels at this stage was through insulin injections. My heart sank. I was asked to take the insulin shots on my stomach once in a day. Insulin shots? Why me? What did I do to go through all this? Will my baby have any side effects of this? Will I have any side effects of these? Why can’t I be given pills? These thoughts filled my mind. The clinical dietician explained the working of the insulin pen and helped me through a demonstration. My gynaecologist was also worried about my rising sugar levels and as per her; this was the only way to manage my GD.


I was approaching closer to my due date and my blood sugar levels were rising. I was then asked to monitor the levels 4 times in a day by following a pattern advised by the Endocrinologist. I had to take the insulin shots 6 times a day. So in total, I was pricking myself 10 times every single day till my due date.

I went to the hospital on my due date in 38th week and I was anxious, baffled and afraid. My mind couldn’t stop thinking. After the most stressful 20 hours, my daughter was born. My blood sugar levels dropped to normal. It added that extra sparkle to the happiness of my daughter’s arrival. I looked at her with tears of joy rolling down from my eyes and said, “wow” – to the miracle in my arms!

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I have written this blog as a part of #9daysofwomanhood blogathon. Prompt for Day 4 was an Instagram post on “One Pregnancy Tip”. Take a look at it on my page PrettyMummaSays. Prompt for Day 5 is “my delivery and my baby”. Further, I would like to introduce Upasana. Read her thoughts on today’s prompt on her blog http://www.upasanagoswami.wordpress.com.

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10 thoughts on “A Sweet Delivery

  1. I too was at the risk of Gestational diabetes and was asked to monitor my sugar level 6 times a day. Though gradually it reduced. Can totally relate with your post and how you must have coped with this. More power to you, momma.

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  2. same pinch. This reminded me of what I was doing during my 8-9 month. my bp and sugar were so high that I was constantly checking it. I was to send my sugar numbers every 3 hours to my doctor and she would keep changing the doze. We are so strong, and fight against all circumstances 🙂 loved reading the write up

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh God, I too was running the risk but thankfully in my case it stopped at high BP and blood sugar remained normal.

    But I’m sure, holding the little bundle of joy would have made all of it worth it ☺

    Liked by 1 person

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