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An average Indian faces many issues going through the life every day. I am no different. I look at life through the lens of an optimistic realism – obviously, there may be no such real thing. Still, I am pursuing a pseudo-realism in this world full of polygamy of harsh realities and fairy tales. Every day for me becomes one such day – reality check! Every day is eventful with two handful toddlers. They are friends one minute, foes in next. It takes one weird sound, one thud and one scratch to turn a day full of laughter and chuckles into a day of crying and screaming. I will share about my day with the help of pictures because words will not do the justice.

download (1)
Good morning!! The day begins.
I don’t want to sleep again after breakfast. I want to watch what my big sister is doing.
Blurred pictures are cool, Mom! Otherwise, how would anybody know that we don’t like to stay still?
Mom, let’s take some selfies while my baby brother is taking his afternoon nap.
Time for my workout. Let me finish it before the kids wake up!

And the day goes on…

Thank god Daddy is back from work.
While Miss D is having her dinner with Daddy, Monsieur RD falls asleep in mommy’s arms.
Aah!!! Finally some ME time!

This article is the fourth blog in the series of 7 blogs that I am writing as a part of The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6, 2017. #writebravely #writetribe #bloggingchallenge





13 thoughts on “A Day in My Life – Photo Blog

  1. Blurred photos are a reminder that children are not wired to keep still. and they will, keep moving and shaking 🙂 I can see you, a tired mummy, in the photo where your daughter is having dinner and the little one has already slept. Exhaustion is another name for a mother. This was a cool and creative way to handle the prompt. Well done 🙂

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