Diwali Break Made Fun with Flintobox

Hey mamas!! So finally the long Diwali break is over. Our lives are back to usual with kids going back to school and getting busy as usual. Whenever there is a long school break, the biggest challenge that I face is in finding way and means of keeping Miss D busy for the most part of the day. She is 5 years old and constantly on her toes. Like all the kids this age, she also doesn’t like sitting idle and doing nothing. Our evenings are occupied with her friends coming to our house or she goes to their house to play. I try to take her out to the park but owing to the epidemics of dengue and malaria nowadays, I am avoiding taking her out to the open areas. Miss D enjoys DIY activities and she has a few DIY kits that she thoroughly enjoys with some guidance.

Before the beginning of the Diwali break, I received Flintobox Sports Mania for use and review. It’s meant for kids of age between 4 to 8 years. This is my first ever experience with an activity box. I was waiting for the right time to take it out and do the activities together with Miss D during her holidays. And boy! Did she love it? Hell yes!! She loves sports and being able to play them indoors was delightful for her.

Watch Miss D’s Flintobox Sports Mania unboxing video

The Flintobox Sports Mania Activity Box has three kits and a storybook inside:

  1. Pom Pom Football: On The first day of her holidays, we decided to do the Pom Pom Football Kit. This kit has an instruction card, a pair of colourful pompoms, a pair of long straws and players, a big flat card for making the football field, a colouring kit, a messy mat and apron. We began with colouring the football field and assembling it following the instructions. Then we stick the players to the straws and started playing. Miss D enjoyed this activity the most. She loved the concept of using straws for blowing the air to move the pompoms. We were laughing all the time while playing and had a gala time playing with it.
  1. Mini Golf Kit: The next day, we picked Mini Golf Kit. This kit has an instruction card alongwith the parts to assemble the putter, parts to assemble the hoops and a small lightweight golf ball. We started with assembling the putter, followed by assembling the hoops. Since she is an early reader I had to read out the instructions to her. She understood them very well and both of us had a great time playing golf in her room.
  2. Slam Dunk: Lastly, we did the Slam Dunk Kit. This is a basketball kit which also has an instruction card, an inflatable soft ball, a plastic pipe, a net, double-sided tape and a cardboard to make the basketball net. By the time, I could tell her the instructions to assemble the basketball net, she picked up the card, saw the diagrams and with very little help she assembled it all by herself. The only help she needed was for inflating the soft ball. And I happily did that for her. We stuck the basketball net on Miss D’s cupboard’s door since it’s very lightweight and doesn’t require any drilling. Until now Miss D watched this sport on TV and when she learned to play, she absolutely loved it. She keeps the ball handy and starts playing with her imaginary friends whenever she feels like.
  1. We lastly read the storybook Benji Runs A Race, which Miss D thoroughly enjoyed. She has read it a few times so far.

PrettyMumma’s Honest Review:

  1. Great packaging
  2. All the activities are very engaging for both kids and adults
  3. All the instructions are very clear and easy to understand
  4. All the activities were age appropriate and well designed for developing skills like gross motor, thinking & problem solving and cognitive
  5. The colour tray, messy mat and the apron in the Pom Pom Football kit are very well thought out things in the kit. They can be kept and used for other activities too
  6. I absolutely loved assembling the putter in the Mini Golf Kit with Miss D. It’s a brilliant activity for hand and eye coordination
  7. I find Pom Pom football the best amongst the three kits – it involves more skills, it’s more fun, kids love playing with straws and blowing the pompoms away to mark a goal is super fun
  8. I loved the Slam Dunk kit and the activity for its simplicity. Assembling takes the least time of all
  9. The story is written is very simple language. It also has attractive and beautiful illustrations to grab the kids’ attention
  10. I was able to keep Miss D away from screens for a substantial amount of time with these activities

PrettyMumma’s Verdict:

  1. It’s a fantastic DIY activity box
  2. The activities are designed age-appropriately and no part poses any harm
  3. It can be a great gifting option
  4. I strongly recommend it if you are looking for activities to keep your kid away from screens for some time during the day
  5. You can buy this and many more activity boxes from their website

12 thoughts on “Diwali Break Made Fun with Flintobox

  1. Have heard so much about Flintobox now, would love to try. Loves their activities.
    Currently relying on home made crafts and activities for my kid, If you ever want to check some of them out do let me know 🙂

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