A Letter to Shahrukh

With Shahrukh Khan and Imtiaz Ali coming together, I was looking forward to a classic romantic film. I must also tell you that despite having the media invite, I chose to buy the tickets and watch it. I shouldn’t have done that.


A Day in My Life – Photo Blog

An average Indian faces many issues going through the life every day. I am no different. I look at life through the lens of an optimistic realism – obviously, there may be no such real thing. Still, I am pursuing a pseudo-realism in this world full of polygamy of harsh realities and fairy tales. Every … Continue reading A Day in My Life – Photo Blog

My DELL – The Resource for My Reboot

Hello! Meet my laptop DELL*. It came to me as my birthday gift by my darling husband at the time when Orkut was a rage and more popular than Facebook. This laptop gave me virtual wings (whatever happened to Reb Bull).  It gave a phenomenal boost to my not-so-happening social (media) life. It also became my … Continue reading My DELL – The Resource for My Reboot

#Period. My Five Days of Luxury (sic!)

Half the population in the world needs sanitary napkins for a week every month for atleast 30-35 years of their life. It is a necessity, not a luxury. It is not a choice to get periods every month, it's how our bodies have been designed. It is very alarming that only 12% of India's 335 … Continue reading #Period. My Five Days of Luxury (sic!)

Parenting — The Single Dad Way

#GuestBlog by Gaurav Prakash To start with I am not a single Dad – so why am I writing this blog post? My experience of a ‘single dad’ is from the child’s perspective. Yes, I grew up with a single parent – my Father. He is 80 years old and simply does not give a … Continue reading Parenting — The Single Dad Way